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RM Ricomax Metal Detector Review

About the RM Ricomax Metal Detector

Our RM Ricomax Metal Detector review covers the features of this affordable metal detector that’s suitable for the whole family. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which shows how confident RM Ricomax is with their metal detector. You can’t go wrong with that. The manufacturer offers a replacement policy with no costs on your side (if you buy via Amazon).

The RM Ricomax has a modern, LCD screen and it’s easy to assemble directly from the box. You probably won’t even need the instructions. The shaft is adjustable and because it’s lightweight, the kids will be able to use it without tiring quickly. We think kids from about age 7 and up will have no problem using the RM Ricomax.

It comes with three search modes and a pinpoint mode. It will detect up to 8 inches and the LCD shows you how deep the object is so you’ll know how far you have to dig. You can use your own headphones as it comes with a 3.5mm jack, or listen to the distinctive audio tones.

It has a 10-inch waterproof search coil, but the control box is not waterproof. You’ll be able to use it at the beach and in shallow water, which can be great fun! If you want something fully submersible, check out our reviews on underwater metal detectors. The large size of the search coil means you can cover more ground, quicker.

RM Ricomax Metal Detector Review

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We also love the price range of this metal detector. We can’t believe how much bang for under $100 you can get these days.

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The RM Ricomax is recommended for:

  • coin hunting
  • jewelry hunting
  • relic hunting
  • beach and shallow water hunting
  • iron, gold, bronze, aluminium and silver detecting

Features of the RM Ricomax Metal Detector

The RM Ricomax metal detector comes with and LCD screen discrimination mode so you can eliminate the metal you don’t want to pick up.

Price $ Click to check the price
Type of detector  VLF
Suitable for salt water  Yes
Suitable for fresh water  Yes
Suitable for SCUBA diving  No
Depth   Up to 8 inches
Weight  2.3 pounds
Search coil  10-inch waterproof search coil
Battery   2 x 9V batteries (not included)
Headphones included  No, but it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack
Warranty   Lifetime
Discrimination  Yes
Ground balance  Yes
Operating modes  3 search modes and pinpoint mode
Sensitivity adjustment  Yes
Adjustable length  Yes
Made  China
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Fossickr- BeginnerWho the RM Ricomax Metal Detector is best for

We think this model will suit beginners who are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable starter detector.

The RM Ricomax Metal Detector warranty

RM Ricomax Metal Detector is protected by a  lifetime warranty. How excellent is that?

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We hope you enjoy your RM Ricomax Metal Detector and look forward to hearing about your adventures searching for treasures.

Last modified: July 17, 2019

42 Responses to :
RM Ricomax Metal Detector Review

  1. Ken Starrett says:

    I received my order from Amazon of your metal detector everything was as it should be and the metal detector seems to work very well in testing it I’m looking forward to taking it out and trying it in the field thank you very much my order # [deleted] looking forward to the digging tool offer .

    1. TJ says:

      Hi Ken, Thanks for letting us know. Hope you have had some fun and test runs your Ricomax detector since posting.

  2. Richard LaFerriere says:

    Free digging tool? Got a card to do a review on Gc-2007 Pinpointer.went to web site but can’t find it. Well I tried it and it works great. Good size and easy to use My old detector dosen’t work very well so I also ordered Ricomax Pro that I got today. Can’t wait to try it out.

    1. Donnie Waters says:

      Same problem, bought GC-2007, tryed to get the complimentary digger, cant find where to redeem. On a plus note, it says battery not included, but found one in the packaging. Trade off I guess.

  3. Timothy says:

    I Love my RM RICOMAX Metal detector!! Works Very Good… Very Satisfiied!! 😁

    1. TJ says:

      Hi Timothy,
      Glad to hear it. Metal Detecting is a great sport at any time, but especially right now, its something you can have a lot of fun with on your own.
      Take care.

  4. Timothy Williams says:

    Very great love it will pủchase again i really recomond it for anyone who élse is íterested it metel dêtcting

  5. Brett Bogard says:

    This is a great starter metal detector. Pretty accurate as well. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking t get started metal detecting!

  6. Michele Kirby says:

    Haven’t taken the detector outside yet, but inside I have detected iron nails in the floor, dime, penny, and a gold ring under a thick pillow inside the house.
    Can’t wait for summer and combing the beach and backyard!

    1. TJ says:

      Yes, looking forward to spring and summer here too – prime metal detecting months. Especially at the beach. Sounds like you are getting practiced with your detector which is a good idea so you are more confident out hunting. Please share your finds with us.

  7. Thomas B. says:

    I am so excited to get out and use my new GC-1028 metal detector got it for Christmas looks cool feel comfortable…can’t wait !!

    1. TJ says:

      Awesome Christmas present – someone loves you! Look forward to hearing about your detecting treasure finds.

  8. Joseph Rucks says:

    A few years ago my dog jumped onto the counter and swallowed my mother’s engagement ring. Assuming it’s somewhere out in our yard now, I thought it would be fun to get a metal detector and search around for it.
    It’s been about a week since my RM Ricomax detector came and though I haven’t found my moms ring, I’ve been finding all sorts of interesting treasures. The coolest so far is a really old lock with a skeleton key still inside. I’ve cleaned it up and what-do-ya-know, it turns! I also found a really neat looking rock, it’s very heavy and magnetic and I’m wondering if it might be a meteorite.
    This thing is so much fun, I cannot wait to bring this with me when I camping. I think purchasing this metal detector was an excellent decision!

    1. TJ says:

      This is a really cool story – thank you so much for sharing it. Please do let us know when you find your mothers engagement ring. A metal detector is the right tool for this job, just you need to be patient and cover the yard properly.

  9. Jesse Bailey says:

    I got the best Christmas gift ever!! A Ricomax metal detector!! Its light weight and easy to use!! Perfect for a beginner like me!!! I recommend this product to anyone interested in learning to metal detect!!!

    1. TJ says:

      Glad you love it – we think its great too. You may like to read some of our other tips & guides like metal detecting at the beach or all about pinpointers which are a great accessory for close up work.

  10. Judy says:

    I am a little disappointed in my metal detector, as i installed 2 brand new 9 volt batteries , started using my Ricomax, and within 2 hours needed to replace batteries. Also, received a handle, but no place to insert on the device. Any suggestions from your company?

    I am e-mailing to receive the Metal detecting tool kit, that is suppose to be sent to me.

    1. TJ says:

      Hi Judy,
      Sad to hear you are having problems with your Ricomax. If the batteries keep draining fast, you may want to take it back from where you purchased it, or talk to the manufacturer as this does not sound right.
      We hope you get your issues sorted quickly, and can enjoy the sport of metal detecting.

  11. Steve says:

    I received my GC-1028 Metal Detector for a birthday gift in Oct. of 2019. I have used it many times and enjoy finding things I never thought I would find. I lost a tool in the summer , when I opened my gift I went outside and stated looking for it. Wouldn’t you know it. I found it . By this time the weather had bad storms, floods, leaves all over, & many cars and trucks driving over the spot where I lost this tool. It’s a great “toy” my wife calls it and we are planning a getting one for my brother in law for Christmas.

    1. TJ says:

      Hi Steve, love hearing stories like this, of lost things found. Happy metal detecting with your family.

  12. Jim Storey says:

    1028 arrived on time and well packaged. It is light, ergonomically designed and my wife is pleased with it.
    I wasn’t expecting all that much for the price but it performs as well as my $700.00 machine. Only time will tell about durability but I’m happy.

  13. Richard says:

    The reviewers only found nails!! I am looking for gold/silver. What should I buy?

    1. TJ says:

      Hi Richard,
      To find gold/silver you need to do your research on where to search for items like this. The beach is very common place for people to lose jewelry. Use tidal maps etc to determine where they might get washed to. Read more in our article on beach detecting.

  14. Terry E Hughes says:

    I love my GC-1028 Iam going to find some good stuff

  15. Jeff Lindsey says:

    I ordered the GC-1028 on Wednesday evening, ups dropped it off Friday morning. I had it assembled in minutes, glanced over the instructions and went outside. It immediately signaled a penny, and that’s what I found. Looking forward to hours of fun with my grandkids.

  16. kerry Montgomery says:

    Love my metal detector it works great assembled it went yard tested it it beeped look on screen say 1c so I scan my yard more it beeped again screen showing nail it was some roofing nails by my boat so I picked them up trashed them I love my metal detector I will be headed to the beaches soon…#111-7338428-1571424 Kerry Montgomery

  17. kerry Montgomery says:

    I essembled my metal detector and went outside to see how good it works was in the yard scanning the grass it started alerting some thing looked at screen it said 1c I was amazed so I kept on scanning beeped again found roofing nails by my boat tires so I picked them up trashed them this metal detector gets a 10 in my book it works so good…

  18. Cynthia says:

    Enjoying my Ricomax metal detector, I received for my birthday. Seems to be doing what it says it’ll do. Love it!

  19. Michael Leclerc says:

    Got mine today as a Birthday present from my wife.
    Very excited to try it out.

  20. Bill says:

    Seems to do what it says, definitely need head phones at the beach. Looking forward to daily walks and possibly finds.

  21. Michael B. Rose says:

    Got my metal detector 2 days ago and was happily surprised at the versatility. It’s a definate step-up from my bounty hunter

  22. forgot the order in my review; 113-9633339-8249058

  23. This tool is amazing, keeps my husband occupied for hours and he’s getting exercise!! Not complicated at all, already talking about an upgrade once he gets better at it.

    1. TJ says:

      Hi Donna,
      Thanks for sharing. Yes, an unexpected benefit of metal detecting hobby is exercise. We love being outdoors with ours.

  24. Larry Zeigler says:

    I like my new Metal Detector RM Ricomax GC-1028 from Amazon # 112-5406088-1773013 my first find was a nail I’m going to frame it. I like it so much I’m going to get my girl one so she can go with me thank you. Larry Zeigler [Ed: address deleted]

  25. jose raymundo says:

    I was really easy to use ,it was more than I expected. I recommend it for everyone to buy. Good one for kids aswell. 114-4862100-4194663 order#

    1. TJ says:

      Hi Jose,
      Glad you found the Ricomax easy to use too. Hope your family has many hours of fun metal detecting.
      We look forward to hearing about your fin

  26. Stan Hale says:

    Just Received mine.looking forward to hitting the beach and finding lost Items! thank you ricomax for making a great detector!!

    1. TJ says:

      Have fun at the beach. You might like to check out our tips on beach hunting. We look forward to hearing about your finds.

  27. Larry Harris says:

    I received my RM Ricomax this morning and assembled it. I took it out side and found a nail by the driveway. That’s one less flat tire that I’ll have to worry about.

    1. TJ says:

      Thanks for sharing this story.

    2. Ted Ralko says:

      Thank You, I have been using it in the field and i am very happy with it and i like how it vibrates, also, i have used it to find wall studs when doing construction. [contact details removed by Ed]

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