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Our favourite metal detecting shows on YouTube

When we can’t get outdoors to go treasure hunting for whatever reason, it’s good to check out our favourite metal detecting channels on YouTube.

Here are my top five favourites.

1. Detectorists

Detectorists is a quirky British comedy show details the lives of two eccentric metal detecting enthusiasts.  While it might be a show about detectorists searching for buried treasure, what makes this show works is that it’s more about the two heroes  making other discoveries in their lives. It’s warm and funny and will make you want to grab a cup of tea and ‘biscuit’ (British for ‘cookie’) while you enjoy the show.

Watch the trailer

Be warned though, there’s a bit of swearing!

2. Dr Tones 24K

Dr Tones 24K is from California and films his detecting adventures. He’s a fan of the Equinox 800 (as you’ll see from many of his videos). He does more than make reality videos about his digs and finds, he also shares tips and practical advice for metal detectorists. I’m a bit jealous of his gear and drones.

Watch this episode

This episode will give you a good indication of what his shows are like.

3. Relic Recoverist

I really enjoy watching the Relic Recoverist uncover her finds. She bright and colorful (that hair!) and her enthusiasm for detecting can’t help but rub off on you.

Watch this episode

4. nuggetnoggins

nuggetnoggins is a charming young detectorist called Michael who has been detecting for about 10 years. He has dozens and dozens of metal detecting videos on his super popular YouTube channel. He’s worth checking out. We really enjoy watching Michael’s videos and seeing what finds and checking all the new places he’s hunting.  He’s a fan of the Garret AT Pro (and so are we!).

Watch this episode

You won’t believe what he finds in rivers.

5. Dirt Fishing

Dirt Fishing is one of TJ’s favourite metal detecting YouTube channels. He likes all the tech details they go into, trying and testing different models.

Watch this episode

In this video, Dirt Fishing take the Equinox 800 out for a spin.


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Our favourite metal detecting shows on YouTube

  1. Carl Sowell says:

    I recently got into metal detecting and have been having a blast. I have a Ace 250 Garrett and have found some cool things. I found 6 general merchandise tokens from Tripp S. Dakota. , A1919s Half dollar and many square nails. I have been ribbed because I have a beginner detector but I don’t care because I am having fun.

    1. TJ says:

      Great to hear you are having fun :-). Ignore the ribbing! You can definitely find cool things with the Ace 250 Garrett metal detector. If you decide later to get ‘more serious’ then you can always upgrade. Many of us have more than one detector. But we all start with a good basic like the Garrett. Good choice 🙂

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