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INTEY GC 1065 Metal Detector Review

In our INATY GC 1065 metal detector review, we’ll step you through all you need to know about this flexible detector.

About the INTEY GC 1065

The GC 1065 from the brand INTEY is a low-cost metal detector you can enjoy using straight from the box. It’s easy to assemble and just put in a 9V battery (not supplied) and you’re ready to hunt!

It’s a surprisingly accurate metal detector. It comes with two search modes. With the discrimination knob, you can turn it to detect all metal or just regular metal objects. You can adjust the sensitivity as well. I’ve heard of it detecting as deep as 10 inches, though 4 to 8 inches is more realistic. Depth will depend on the type of terrain and the soil mineralization where you’re hunting.

The search coil is waterproof, making this suitable for beach and shallow water treasure hunting, but the control box is not waterproof, so don’t submerge the whole metal detector.

It has volume control knob and a jack for inserting headphones.

INTEY GC 1065 Metal Detector Review

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The INTEY GC 1065 will detect gold, silver, bronze, and platinum and it’s great for:

  • treasure hunting in fields
  • beach hunting
  • gold hunting
  • relic hunting
  • jewelry hunting
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Features of the GC 1065

The INTEY GC 1065 often comes with a bonus trowel and an LED flashlight.

Price Click for today’s price
Type of detector  VLF
Suitable for salt water  Yes
Suitable for fresh water  Yes
Suitable for SCUBA diving  No
Depth   Up to 10 inches, depending on soil quality
Weight  4 pounds
Search coil  Waterproof
Battery  1 x 9V (not included), low battery indicator
Headphones included  No, but it has an adjustable audio control and an audio jack
Warranty   90 Days
LCD screen  No
Search modes  2 search modes
Audio Single audio tone
Adjustable length  Yes, it expands from 33.5 inches to 45 inches
Made China
Best metal detector for families
Budget friendly metal detector

The INTEY GC 1065 is great for families with older children. Kids over 12 should have no problem operating it. The younger kids might find it a bit too big and heavy to wrangle. If your kids are younger than twelve, then see our recommendations for the best metal detectors for kids.

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The standard warranty is 90 days, but you can buy an additional 3 years of coverage for around $US15.

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