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Gifts for metal detectorists

Metal detecting gifts for the detectorist in your life

Got a metal detectorist in your life you’d love to give metal detecting stuff to? Our list of gifts for metal detectorists will help you find the right present for your detectorist.

If someone loves metal detecting, then it’s actually quite easy to find gifts for someone who likes metal detecting.

Apart from a new metal detector (we’d all love a new treasure stick!) there’s a whole lot of metal detecting accessories that would make a perfect gift, from clothing to digging tools and backpacks. Whether it’s a father’s day or birthday gift or Christmas present, these recommended gifts for metal detectorists are sure to set their hearts beeping.

The Best Gifts for a Metal Detectorist

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Metal detecting gloves

At the top of my metal detecting gear list are Metal Detecting Gloves. These come in handy when it comes to digging up all kinds of treasure. You could probably use most gardening gloves for this purpose, so long as they are breathable and have a non-slip surface. You can never have too many of these.

I think the best gloves for metal detecting are lightweight, breathable, have a protective coating, and have elastic around the wrist to stop the dirt from getting in.

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Metal detector ornament

Tis the season to grab a metal detector Christmas ornament to hang proudly on your tree.

There are some fun and cheeky metal detector ornaments available this season.

Click to see the full range of metal detector ornaments

Metal detecting clothing

Specialist metal detecting like a detectorists t shirt, metal detecting shirts, or other metal detecting apparel are also at the top of my metal detecting gear list. Us treasure hunters love this stuff. Give us metal detecting gifts and we’ll be friends for life.

Metal detecting t shirts

I’d rather be dirt fishing

You can pick up some funny metal detecting clothing like these metal detecting t shirts:

There are more than a dozen different metal detecting shirts to choose from, all with funy slogans.

Click to see the full range of funny metal detecting shirts

These metal detecting shirts are quite amusing 🙂

Metal detecting pants

If your detectorist likes to go detecting in shallow water, then a pair of fishing trousers like these waterproof waders will be handy. They’ll keep your detectorist dry and comfortable all day. They’re a lot lighter than rubber.

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Metal detecting hat

There are some great caps and metal detecting hats available that are sure to bring a smile to your detectorist’s face. Whether they prefer baseball caps or trucker hats, there’s a whole range available in different styles.

Click to see the full range of metal detecting hats

Metal detecting hoodie

Who doesn’t love a fluffy, comfortable hoodie to wrap up in on a chilly afternoon?

Click to see the full range of metal detecting hoodies

Metal detecting pouch

Another great idea for a gift for a metal detectorist is a metal detecting pouch, like the above Garrett metal detecting pouch bag.

These are so handy when you’re out in the field. You’ll want a metal detecting finds bag handy to put all the targets you dig up.

Something like this Relic Elite Metal Detector Pouch is another finds pouch to consider. The Relic Elite pouch will fit waists up to 48″. It receives great reviews. We think your metal detectorist would appreciate the Relic Elite Pouch.

Here’s a slightly pricier metal detecting finds pouch by Whites.  It has extra space for carrying spare batteries and digging tools. It has mesh in the bottom for dirt to fall through.

Click to see the full range of metal detecting pouches

Metal detecting digging tools

It’s really not hard to find metal detecting related gifts for us detectorists.

Digging tools! Metal detecting would be near impossible without the right digging tools. Here’s a selection of treasure hunting tools to help your metal detectorist unearth their finds.

The best metal detector digging tool will make your detectorists life so much easier.

Sand scoop

A plastic or metal sand scoop is a must-have for beach metal detecting. It will save their back from all the bending and digging.

Or check out this metal detecting shovel scoop with a long handle. Perfect for beach fossicking.

Click to see the full range of sand scoops

Metal detecting trowel

Your metal detectorist will love this gift of a trowel that cuts like butter. With a ribbed, non-slip grip, they’ll be digging up their finds in no time.

Click to see the full range of metal detecting trowels

Metal detecting spade

The best metal detecting spade features a non-stick grip handle, is compact, lightweight and comfortable to use. The one above ticks all the boxes.

Click to see the full range of metal detecting spaces

Metal detecting shovel

This Lesche metal detecting shovel with a serrated edge is a perfect gift.

The best metal detecting shovel, like this Lesche one, will have a serrated edge to make cutting the ground much easier.

I like shovels because they save your hands and knees from having to get down on the ground to dig. It makes clean cuts and is perfect for metal detecting because the holes you dig are not so big you’ll have trouble unearthing your treasure.

Your detectorist is sure to appreciate this shovel for metal detecting.

Click to see the full range of metal detecting shovels

Metal detecting pick

A metal detecting pick like this Garrett Retriver II is ideal for prospecting and shallow water hunting in rocky areas. It can get into tight crevasses and hard to reach places with ease.

Some prospecting picks come with a magnet to attract ferrous items. This one does.

Garrett digging tools are excellent quality and I’m sure your detectorist will love this prospector’s pick.

Click to check the full range of metal detecting picks

Metal detector backpack

The last item on our list of gifts for metal detectorists is a metal detector backpack – very handy for carrying a disassembled metal detector and accessories around.

Look for a backpack with zippered compartments and external pockets for carrying a drink bottle.

Click to check the full range of metal detecting backpacks

Metal detecting mug

A metal detecting mug is a great for that Kris Kringle gift when you’ve drawn the metal detectorist from the office pool and need to find something low-cost.

Click to check the full range of metal detecting mugs

I hope our list of gifts for metal detectorists helps you choose the perfect metal detecting presents for your loved one.

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