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Fisher F22 metal detector review

Fisher F22 metal detector review

In this Fisher F22 review, we’ll cover the features of this popular metal detecting model that we think is one of the best entry-level detectors on the market.

About the Fisher F22 metal detector

The F22 was first released in 2015 replaces the older F2 model. The F22 is still one of the best entry-level metal detectors available. You get real bang for your buck with the F22.

The F22 v F2

When looking at the features of the F22 vs F2, you’ll find the newer F22 has:

  • extra search modes
  • volume adjustment
  • a new and improved type of searchcoil design

The F22 is similar to the Garret ACE 300 (which replaced the ACE 250). They’re similar prices and offer similar features.

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Features of the F22

The F22 searchcoil

The Fisher F22 has a weatherproof control box and a 9-Inch triangulated concentric elliptical waterproof searchcoil. This just means that it can get into tighter places now and is much better at sorting the trash from treasure. The F2’s searchcoil was 8-inches, so you’ll get more ground coverage with the new 9-inch coil.

Note that the control box is only weatherproof, not waterproof – the electrics will be fine if you’re caught out in a rain shower, but the control box is not submersible. You can hunt in shallow water.

Friends report they get good depth beyond the stated 9-inches. They’ve found targets as deep as 3 feet. It will depend on the soil mineralization.

Search modes

The F22 has five modes of operation:

  • jewelry
  • coin
  • artifact
  • custom
  • all metal

It has 20 levels of adjustable sensitivity and 20 levels of adjustable volume.

The adjustable iron audio Fe-Tone® is a bonus on this machine. It lets you amplify iron signals to avoid digging up unwanted targets. We could all do with digging up less unwanted targets, so this is a great feature on this entry-level machine.

Target ID

The large LCD has a backlight for low-light conditions. You’ll see the 9 segment visual target category across the top of the LCD and  numeric target IDs from 1-99  underneath, helping you better target your finds. Anything under 30 will likely be a junk find.

Recommended for

Suits Beginner to Intermediate Users

We recommended the F22 for

  • hunting in wet weather
  • beach hunting
  • coin shooting
  • jewelry and relic hunting
  • gold prospecting
But it now
Price $$ Click for today’s low price
Type of detector VLF 7.69 Khz
Suitable for salt water  Sort of, but you’re better off with an underwater metal detector
Suitable for fresh water Yes, waterproof search coil
Suitable for SCUBA diving No, the control is weatherproof, not waterproof
Fisher F22 depth  Up to 9 inches
Weight 2.3 pounds with batteries installed
Search coil 9- inch waterproof search coil
Battery life 25-30 hours on 2 x AA batteries
Headphones included No, but it has a standard 1/4 inch headphone jack
Warranty 5 years
LCD screen Yes
Ground balance Ground Grab® computerized ground balancing and manual ground balancing
Sensitivity adjustment Yes
Adjustable length Yes, the shaft is adjustable
Made USA by FisherLabs

How to use the F22 metal detector

Fisher F22 user manual

Download a PDF of the Fisher F22 user manual.

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Fisher F22 metal detector review

  1. Chuck N says:

    I’m new to metal detecting. Should I purchase a Fisher F22 or Garrett ace 300

    1. TJ says:

      Hi Chuck,
      That is a tough question. We reviewed the Garrett 300 too, and like them both.
      The F22 is a little more weatherproof, but the Ace 300 has a slightly greater depth range.
      So it really depends upon what (and where) you think you are hunting for, and frankly, the price on any given day!
      Happy fossicking.

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